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Suppliers and Vendors - Strength Environmental

Strength Environmental’s Suppliers and Vendors

Clients depend on us to bring our ethical culture and innovative programmatic solutions to the delivery of their projects around the nation.

Strength engages with clients, business partners, suppliers, subcontractors, agents and other third parties on ethics and compliance as part of our regular business processes. Strength seeks to do business with third parties who share our standards and values. We conduct risk-based due diligence when selecting a third party, and monitor red flags during our business relationship. Depending on the type of third party, we embed various requirements and processes to emphasize and mitigate applicable anti-corruption risks.

Our suppliers and contractors are required to comply, and in turn require their supply chain to comply, with our Business Conduct Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors (the Supplier Expectations). The Supplier Expectations highlight key expectations in health, safety, and environmental (HSE), human rights and employment practices, financial and operational controls, conflicts of interest, gifts entertainment and business courtesies, improper payments, trade controls, money laundering prevention, company resources, competing fairly, and reporting concerns.

Clients, joint venture partners, suppliers, contractors, and other third parties are encouraged to report any suspected misconduct involving or affecting Strength, whether or not the concern involves the third party, by contacting their Strength representative.